Meet The Team


Host & Producer

Ashley Akunna

Hailing from Maplewood, NJ, by way of San Antonio, Texas, by way of Nigeria, Ashley Akunna has always had a keen interest in the visual medium of story telling. After completing her degree in Film at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, she created The Grapevine to address the unique perspective of millennials such as herself. She is a creative, who strongly believes in the power of fantasy and dancing in the mirror by yourself.


Producer, Editor, Creative Director

Amanda Scott

In 2014, South Orange, NJ native Amanda Scott asked grade-school classmate Ashley Akunna for help by showing her the ropes of production. Since then, this proud Virginia State University grad has moved up the ropes of production. With a fierce dedication to excellent content, Amanda strives to be the next big producer of original and thought provoking entertainment.


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